Articles and Presentations:

Libraries as Publishers:  Building a Global Community, special issue of the Journal of Electronic Publishing 20.2(2017), introduction by Ann Okerson with link to Table of Contents.

"The Six Ages of Library Collection Development," with accompanying Powerpoint Presentation (downloads on click):  Fiesole Collection Development Retreat, Lille, France, April 2017


"Perpetual Access Reflections: How Long is Forever?,"  [PPT] ALCTS-CRS panel, American Library Association, Denver, 1/25/09.

"The Law is the True Embodiment of Everything That's Excellent," [PPT] United Kingdom Serials Group, 10/29/08.

"Institutional Repositories as Destabilizing Influences?", [PPT] Wiley-Blackwell Executive Seminar, Washington DC, 12/7/2007

"Sign-on-the-Dotted-Line or Negotiate: A Copyright Primer for Scholars" (co-author: Professor Shyam Sunder, Yale School of Management), Social Science Research Network Electronic Library, 6/7/2007

"March of the Consortia: thoughts from 'the far side'" [PPT] Association of Subscription Agents (London, February 2007)


"Thank You, Google," Serials Review 32.4 (December 2006), 225-26.

"Finding Institutional Courage: Copyright Issues in the Age of Mass Digitization" (Universal Digital Libraries, Second International Conference, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, November 2006)

"Online Access to Research in the Environment" on Where We Live on WNPR radio (11/9/2006).

"What Becomes of the Hedgehogs?" (Charleston Conference, November 2006), with linked PowerPoint presentation

"Contracting for Content in a Digital World: Exploring the new issues for a new environment in policy and practice," LITA Preconference Session on Licensing (ALA - New Orleans), June 2006.

"Yale, AMEEL, and the Prospects of This Workshop," Middle East Digital Library Workshop, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, January 2006

Reflections About Collections: With the Help of Peter Cook and Dudley MooreCharleston Adviser 7.1(2005) -- originally delivered as the keynote opening presentation at the Seventh Fiesole Collection Development Retreat (Melbourne, Australia, April 28, 2005)

"The Global Record: Understanding Its Use and Ensuring Its Future For Scholarship", summary report of a conference held at Yale in March 2005, as published in the ARL Bimonthly Report 240(June 2005).

"What does open access demand of each of us?," [PPT] AAP/PSP Annual Conference (Washington, February 2005)


"Open access: reflections from the United States", based on a paper presented in the UKSG seminar, "Scientific Publications: free for all?," (with linked PowerPoint presentation) at the Geological Society, London, 23 November 2004.

"Unweaving the Rainbow: Institutional Repositories and Other Destabilizing Influences", [PPT] STM - 36th General Assembly (Frankfurt, October 2004).

"Consortium Building for Libraries" -- librarian workshops in Vientiane, Laos, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, July 2004, sponsored by eIFL: Part I: Backgrounds and History, [PPT] followed by Part II: Operations and Management [PPT].

"Six Flavors of Open Access: Successes and Possibilities for STM Journals", Liber Conference (St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2004)

"On Being Scientific about Scientific Publishing," Nature online forum, April 2004 (if link fails, plain text available.)

"The LIBLICENSE Project -- Seven Years After": presentation to the Zwolle Group, 13-14 February 2004, with linked PowerPoint presentation.

"Library Periodicals Expenses: Comparison of Non-Subscription Costs of Print and Electronic Formats on a Life-Cycle Basis"D-Lib Magazine 10.1 (January 2004) [co-author with Roger Schonfeld, Donald King, and Eileen Gifford Fenton]; also as presentation, "The Non-Subscription Side of Periodicals: Changes in Library Operations and Costs between Print and Electronic Formats," IFLA Statistics Section (Buenos Aires, August 2004), with Roger Schonfeld [PPT]


"Who Pays the Ferryman: A Consortial Perspective," University of Stellenbosch Library Services, 6th Annual Symposium, October 2003

"Towards a Vision of Inexpensive Scholarly Journal Publication"Libri 53(2003) 186-93

"Asteroids, Moore's Law, and the Star Alliance," Journal of Academic Librarianship, September 2003

"The Matrix Reloaded: New Ages in Collections Development," (with linked PowerPoint presentation): IFLA Preconference, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Munich, August 2003)

"Licenses: maximizing their benefits for authors, libraries, and publishers," [PPT] Symposium on Electronic Scientific Technical and Medical Journal Publishing and Its Implications (The National Academies, May 2003); summarized in Electronic Scientific Technical and Medical Publishing and Its Implications: Report of a Symposium (National Academies Press, 2004), pp. 43-45


"Library Consortia: General Perspectives and Evolution of the ICOLC", [PPT] Institute of Physics (Bangalore, November 2002).

"E-journal usage: behind the veil," [PPT] Charleston Conference (November 2002)

"E-Journal Pricing Redux: Perspectives from the Field," [PPT] Charleston Library Conference 2002; print only version also available in K. Strauch, ed., Charleston Conference Proceedings 2002 (Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 2002), pp. 73-76

"Rights, Copyrights and Licenses: How They Work and What They Mean in a Global Age" (includes link to PowerPoint presentation), World Library Summit (Singapore, April 2002).

"I don't ask for much, I only want trust, And you know it don't come easy!" (with linked PowerPoint presentation), IUPAP Conference on the Long Term Archiving of Digital Documents in Physics (Lyons, France, November 2001)

"Friends and Rivals: When Universities Compete, Libraries Cooperate," Invited paper for the conference Competition and Cooperation: Universities, Libraries, and the Commercial Sector at the Beginning of the 21st Century, 2nd Wissenschaftliches Symposium des IBLC, Frankfurt Buchmesse, 13-14 October, 2001.

"WANTED: A Model for E-Reserves," (report of a consortial study to find out if frequently taught information would make for useful new library partnerships) Library Journal: Vol. 26, No. 14 (September 1, 2001): 56-58.

"Re-modeling Scholarly Communications (a parallel tale from the U.S.)" (with linked PowerPoint presentation), National Scholarly Communication Roundtable, no. 12 (Canberra, Australia, August 2001).

"Rights, Copyrights and Licenses: the Basics and What They Mean", 7th National Conference of Librarians, Archivists, and Documentalists (Porto, Portugal, May 2001).

"What Price Free"Nature online forum, April 2001.


"New Challenges for Scholarly Communication," Invited paper for the conference Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Management in the 21st Century, sponsored by the U.S. and German Embassies, Frankfurt Buchmesse, 21-22 October 2000.

"A History of E-Journals in 10 Years: and what it teaches us", [PPT] EBSCO Seminar (Jerusalem, August 2000).

"Strength in Numbers: Library Consortia in the Electronic Age", IDT Net conference (Paris, 2000).

"Digital Revolution, Library Evolution," principal author of first chapter and secondary author of collections chapter of LC21: A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress (Washington: National Academies Press, 2000), 23-49.

"Are We There Yet?  Online E-Resources Ten Years After," Library Trends (theme issue "Collection Development in an Electronic Environment"): Vol. 49, no. 4 (Spring 2000): 671-693.

CONSAL Licensing Workshop, April 2000 (Singapore):

"The LIBLICENSE Project and How It Grows", D-Lib 5.9 (September 1999).

"Copyright in the Year 2010:  No longer an issue for scholarly electronic publishing", ICCC/IFIP Third Conference on Electronic Publishing (Ronneby, Sweden, May 1999)


"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? Academic Publishing, Copyright, and Other Miasmas," in Universiteit en auteursrecht (Universities and Copyright), University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Law, 1998. Invited paper given at the conference: Universities and Copyright law: 10th Anniversary Conference of the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam (November 1997).

"The World of Licensing: Issues, Concerns, and Promises," Canadian Association of Research Libraries Workshop, Ottawa, 27 October 1997.

"The Dimensions of Seriality", ALA Serials Section (summer 1997).

"Recent Trends in Scholarly Electronic Publishing," Seminar on Multimedia Scholarly Publishing, Helsinki, May 29, 1997

"The Transition to Electronic Content Licensing: The Institutional Context in 1997," Scholarly Communication and Technology Conference of the Andrew. W. Mellon Foundation, Emory University, April 24-25, 1997


"Licensing Perspectives: The Library View," ARL/CNI Licensing Symposium, San Francisco, December 8, 1996

"Buy or Lease? Two Models for Scholarly Information at the End (or the Beginning) of an Era", Daedalus; Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fall, 1996. Vol. 125, No. 4, pp. 55-76. Special issue on libraries called "Books, Bricks, and Bytes"

"What Academic Libraries Need in Electronic Content Licenses," Presentation to the STM Library Relations Committee, STM Annual General Meeting, October 1, 1996

"Crazy about Consortia," Presentation to the National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services, Philadelphia, September 1996

"Some Economic Challenges in Building Electronic Libraries: A Librarian's View," Presentation at the IFLA Congress, Beijing, August 1996 Program of the Acquistions and Collections Development Section

"Colleges Urged to Protect Rights in Licensing Negotiations," article by Robert Jacobson, Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 July 1996, pp. A15ff, featuring interview with A.S. Okerson.

"Who Owns Digital Works?" Scientific American, July 1996, pp. 80-83.

"A Librarian's View of Some Economic Issues in Electronic Scientific Publishing," UNESCO Invitational Meeting on the Future of Scientific Information (Paris, February 1996): DRAFT

"Whose article is it anyway? Copyright and intellectual property for researchers in the 90s," Notices of the AMS, January 1996.


"Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz; Or, There is a There There," Surfaces 4(1994) 103.

Introductory Synopsis contained in University Libraries and Scholarly Communication (Washington 1992), xv-xxix (a Mellon Foundation study published by the Association of Research Libraries)

"Remembrance of Things Past, Present...and Future?", with Kendon Stubbs, Publishers Weekly, July 27, 1992: 22-23

"Back to Academia? The Case for American Universities to Publish Their Own Research," Logos 2/2 (1991) 106-12.

"With Feathers: Effects of Ownership on Scholarly Publishing," College and Research Libraries (1991) 425-38.

"The Refereed Electronic Journal: What, Whence, and When," Public Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 5-24

"The Library Doomsday Machine," with Kendon Stubbs, Publishers Weekly, February 8, 1991: 36-37

"Periodical Prices: A History and Discussion," Advances in Serials Management, Volume 1, November, 1986

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